Customized Styles and Themes Designs

The CipherDS system provides the flexibility to change the UI color scheme in order to match a particular brand or location style. Adjust colors, logos, images and content from the convenience of the CipherDS online management system.

Digital Signage Technology Features

  • Manage a network of hundreds of locations through a single online interface.
  • Connect many screens to a single CipherDS device using HDMI splitters.
  • Ability to stream live feeds or TV channels (content delivery restrictions apply).
  • Email/password login authentication on each device-easily switch messaging by changing device login setting.
  • Internet connectivity using wifi or ethernet provides remote management capability, or run a pre-configured local drive without internet.

Digital Signage Key Functions

1Fixed or Looping Logos
2Click to display or hide selection menu
3Play LiveTV or video looping or slideshow pictures
4Fixed or looping message board titles
5Fixed or looping messages
6Many background colors to choose from: red, blue, green, silver yellow and purple
7Fixed or looping pictures with title shifting from right to left

Remotely manage your

locations online

Access our online management system anytime to create or change content in real-time. Manage multiple screens and locations with the same content, or create unique messaging for each individual digital sign.

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